Avoid Misinterpretation of your Oilsamples

ENERGY Support developed the Contamination-Free Oilsampling Kit with temperature Control, to avoid any misinterpretation of Oilsamples.

Results are strongly dependent on Temperature and Oil Ageing Conditions.

So don´t miss the information about Oil temperature when you take your Oilsample.

Where does the water come from?

  • Moisture can be in the insulation when it is delivered from factory.
  • If the transformer is opened for inspection or has a leak, the insulation
    can absorb moisture from the atmosphere.
  • Moisture is also formed by the degradation of insulation as the
    transformer ages.
  • Additional benefit are the sampling with gas-tight syringes according
    Standard IEC 60475/ASTM D 923
  • The aim of proper sampling is to ensure that the result of the dissolved
    gas analysis are not distorted by contamination with ambient air or
    dirt particles
  • This guarantees a reliable and exact dissolved gas analysis and a
    solid decision basis for the further treatment of your Transformer
  • With this in mind, we organise our TLM Conference 2016
  • To achieve a stable integrated electricity network, generation,
    transmission and distribution companies must employ best practice
    performance methodologies to achieve optimal resilience and a
    future-proof grid.

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