Avoid Misinterpretation of your Oilsamples

ENERGY Support developed the Contamination-Free Oilsampling Kit with temperature Control, to avoid any misinterpretation of Oilsamples.

Results are strongly dependent on Temperature and Oil Ageing Conditions.

So don´t miss the information about Oil temperature when you take your Oilsample.

Where does the water come from?

  • Moisture can be in the insulation when it is delivered from factory.
  • If the transformer is opened for inspection or has a leak, the insulation
    can absorb moisture from the atmosphere.
  • Moisture is also formed by the degradation of insulation as the 
    transformer ages.
  • Additional benefit are the sampling with gas-tight syringes according 
    Standard IEC 60475/ASTM D 923
  • The aim of proper sampling is to ensure that the result of the dissolved 
    gas analysis are not distorted by contamination with ambient air or 
    dirt particles
  • This guarantees a reliable and exact dissolved gas analysis and a 
    solid decision basis for the further treatment of your Transformer
  • With this in mind, we organise our TLM Conference 2016
  • To achieve a stable integrated electricity network, generation, 
    transmission and distribution companies must employ best practice 
    performance methodologies to achieve optimal resilience and a 
    future-proof grid.

transformer magazinWhy you have been Part of TLM Conference?

Learn more: Interview in the Transformers Magazin from 3 July 2016

Wolfgang Sorgatz talks about the TLM Conference which is a successful and neutral platform for all stake holders in the transformers industry, from manufacturers of transformers, instruments and materials, to their industrial partners and end customers, such as utilities, power plants and entire municipalities.

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cigre logoCIGRE, the Council on Large Electric Systems
21.-26. August 2016

CIGRE counts more than 3 500 experts from all around the world working actively together in structured work programmes coordinated by the CIGRE 16 Studies Committees, overseen by the Technical Committee. Their main objectives are to design and deploy the Power System for the future, optimize existing equipment and power systems, respect the environment and facilitate access to information.

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