Maintenance and Asset Management are becoming increasingly important. The aim is to reduce the costs for replacement and repair and to increase the lifetime of your capital goods. Also unexpected breakdowns should be avoided under all circumstances. Beside the early determination of possible malfunctions a very important aspect is the reduction of maintenance and repair costs.

High reliability is equal to an increase in efficiency and profitability.

Insulation Oil is considered to be one of the weakest points on a transformer. This perception must be considered in any maintenance concept. The lifetime of transformer oil is not equal to the lifetime of a transformer itself. There are several predictive maintenance techniques to take that into account and determine the condition of the insulation oil.

The most known measurements are:

  • Dielectric strength testing
  • Loss factor measurement in oil
  • Water content measurement accord. to Karl Fischer
  • Total gas content measurement
  • Dissolved gas analysis

All these parameters will give you a clear understanding of the overall condition of your transformer oil.