Transformers represent an essential part of the energy system.

To ensure efficient operations and long-lasting investments, a throughout maintenance is required to account for the negative impact of e.g., water particles, oil-aging products or acids. Especially water particles lead to rapidly aging oil and oxidation within the transformer. Today’s temporary oil drying processes focus on short-term optimization and neglect the benefits of continuous drying.

We are happy to announce the new stationary filter system ES 2000

The filter system ES 2000 is a stationary drying system that leverages an innovative filter technology and enables a sustainable reduction of the humidity within the transformer. The continuous drying approach allows to extend the lifetime of your transformer, increases the efficiency, and avoids unexpected disruptions of the system. Within this context, our customer-specific selection of filter cartridges plays a crucial role.

Please get in touch with us to receive further details and discuss your customized maintenance solution to extend the lifetime of your transformer!

Wolfgang Sorgatz



Filtration Unit ES 2000

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