Mobil GC – Portable Gas Chromatograph

Basic device with Windows control software for evaluating documentation and customer-specific settings, with Expert System for automatic Faultdiagnosis in Insulating Oils.

  • State of the Art Technology – Portable Gas Chromatograph
  • Available in different versions
  • Fully automatic measurement procedure
  • Fully compliant with ASTM D3612 and IEC 60567
  • Automatic sample injection
  • High Sensitivity through Vacuum Degassing
  • High Selectivity through Gas Chromatography
  • Highly sensitive detection of up to 11 gases
  • Suitable for Acceptance- Service- and Routine tests
  • Ideal for on-site measurements and also for laboratories
  • Direct analysis of Buchholz gases
  • Rugged case-waterproof for extreme environmental conditions
  • Expert System for quick and easy conclusions Evaluation according to: IEC 60599, Roger ratios, Duval etc.




Mobile GC

3.26 MB